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grave digger – pendragon lyrics


the story of king uther and lady igerne (the duke of cornwall’s wife), and
of the birth of king arthur. king uther was given the byname of pendragon
because of the night he conceived arthur with lady igerne, a star in the
form of dragon appeared to him in the sky and the night was bathed in a
blood-red light.

on the battlefield i sharpen my claws, hunt my luck
i never knew what was the missing link, i haven’t got
until that day i saw her with her man at her side
i knew i had to have her, a conjuring trick and she’ll be mine

mighty drake
tail of snake
all at stake
earth will quake

saurian eyes
never cry
hopes are high
dragon fly!

pendragon, pendragon,
stars split the sky
pendragon, pendragon,
your fire conquers the night

to the castle where my bliss dwells the wings take me
i give away the fruit of her womb for her hearts key
her husband killed in action when she gave herself to me
i deceived her and i fooled her but still she loves me

see the dragon, see him fly,
feel the fire burning in the sky
see the dragon, see him fly,
falling down from the sky