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graveem1nd – put em in the gravee lyrics


[verse: ch2rms]
hunnid fifty miles, can you even match that?
they be looking at the dashboard, they can catch that
fifty or a hunnid by my word, like i’m [?]
trippin’ on that lean, yeah i’m hoping that i’d pass out
[?] got a bad mouth, shoot him till he’s dead
i just took a pill and its laced to the [?]
ayy, panic and he really in a best buy?
forty five millimetre, turn him into a hotspot
i’m really the worst [x2]
everytime i take a perc, feel like i’m getting worse
and i’m feeling really lazy, and that drank got me hazy
i cannot walk to my room, i be feeling lazy
five shots to the head…
i be having nightmares, sleeping under my bed
and them percs, they feel grеat
i got a headache
yeah, yеah, i be feeling hazy in a bad way

[verse: tropes]
wish i cannot [?]
looking up and down, “what the f+ck you think you watching?”
uhh, i don’t know, i’m never watching
looking like a dumbass, uhh, get you noggin’
fake ours like a tea party
no, this is not the future, doc and marty
you a dumb ass boy, uhh, not a smarty
yuh, i ain’t get no sleep, uhh, like carti
no sense
gave a high five with no hands
do a show, you ain’t got no fans
i was sad but n0body understand
bit grim, but you can’t, you ain’t got no bands
fire like a king, [?]
i can never treated by my side
i’m the god, you ain’t got no life
even tonnes of peaches all by my line
[verse: dolly]
n+n+n++++++ tryna f+ck in a past life
i+i’m just tryna f+ck, she a vampire
“see this?”, oh my god i said, “[?]”
i’m with coni, i’m with ch2rms, i’m with ch2rms!
got my whole team f+cking up
we won’t go go go
go go go
i said go go go
i can’t stop because that b+tch, like go go go
i can’t f+ck with n++++++ cause they broke broke broke
you said i’m the worst, i got bands in my pocket
hop up off the grave cause we looking for a target
n++++++ thought i’m g+y (but i am coni)
b+b+brought the docks in
t+t+that b+tch don’t f+ck with me cause you know i’m toxic
i+i just take signs, i said that he so awesome!
a+a+a+and he want smoke but all i do is block him
me and coni, we be flying out in gotham
me and kaixan, we be f+cking on a thot b+tch

[verse: deth coni]
m+m+m+me and dolly, we just flying around in gotham
this n+++++ got a problem
i c+cked it back and shot ’em
and honestly, it f+cked up my head
a lot of this sh+t was brought up
burning in inferno, dante red i turned to sawdust
and i’m really awful
m+m+m+man i just got caught up
i+i+i would exchange money for the fame, with out no problem
i+i bet you are better, i bet that you are awesome!
i bet you would take my shoes and rot ’em till they fall off (zombie grunt)
d+mn, boy how you do it?
i+i+i cannot see through it
i+i been counting racks with my shooter, yeah he jewish ([?])
i came here just to prove it, these n++++++, they never knew it
i really enjoy the silence (bruh)
i cannot see through it
man, i seen a lot of bros turn to foes
[?] a lot of n++++++ from the shadows, strike a pose
do you think i’m slow?, you can’t fix it with photos
you living real simple
man, we keep it by the code
[verse: kaixan]
blah, blah, blah
howdy boy, they talking nice things
ha ha ha, imma put them in a coffin
r+r+running down with [?]
you know we so d+mn toxic
k+keep a casual single, they can see it when i walk in
if+i+if she slow down f+cking more
then i might alt her then i go
w+w+we+just we just gotta pint
i’m telling dolly where to go
w+walking outside with a coat
and b+tch i am with coni, that is coming for your show
y+your+bro your bro is a gpu, i overclocked that ho
p+p+pop a perky werky, i be itching through my clothes
am i clipping on this beat? i probably am but i don’t know
know a lot of people that i cannot call my bro
know a lot of people that i gotta let go (g+grave)
w+watch out for the snakes, so i gotta lay low
y+y+you ain’t got a watch, all you gotta do is know
l+leave them bl++dy red, like a tampon in his nose