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graveland – prayer for my ancestors lyrics


i am a warrior
and i grasp the greatness of my people
and trustful i fight strenuously
for a day i may have right upon
the splendorous heritage of my ancestors

i claim for thee!
ancient braves of my blood!
forefather and mother of mine
strengthen my body and soul
guide me, to the victory in battle, to the glory

for thee i shall fight
and i’ll bathe in the fluids of hatred
oh my folk! for thee i shall slay
and fervently i’ll raise my sword to the clouds

the war has consumed the last drops of my blood
now it’s spilled over the battleground
my sword has broken in two parts
and my spirit weakens and thus i’m disarmed…

. but a warrior never flees from war
even when he has broken bones
but, for a whole era of glory
triumphs and victory of thy blood

in the name of gods of braves
do not bid me now take place
among those of mine
help me in this frightful time!

help me, my ancestors!
help me!