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graveland – when valkyries come lyrics


on the bl–dy night
i will not fear death
i will not retreat before enemy
fire in my heart
spirit of the fight
my strong hand
holding the sword
raised toward the skies
to inflict the deadly blow
trained to fight
i do not retreat
armored legions raise their spears
spreadheads are streaming with blood
dead enemy bodies at their feet
stabbed with steel blades
banners with blood
countless travelled countries
the roads lead us
far away grey horizon
bl–dy taste of war
nauseating smell of death
tears treaded into ground
shadows all over far the horizon
the sword stabbing the hearts
still at your side
fallen comrade left behind
far the grey horizon
you move on
the way of no end
with the legion that does not exist
and only spirits
walk by your side
on the bl–dy fight
i will not fear death
i will not retreat before enemy
my steel sword
will show my way towards freedom
far the grey horizon
i will die
pierced with arrows
which come flying secretly
i will look for the last time
at the blue sky
valkyries will come
and take me to the light