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great lakes myth society – no. vi lyrics


when our world was still in love
in eighteen hundred and twenty+five
and myths were writ on those grand pages
fast as word of mouth
and we believed just what we want
and number six was what we got

number six on the line
as grand river winds
from v to vi

when lake ontario joined erie
in that fateful coming of age
settlers sailed in from new england
dreaming hearts agape
at ten eyck tavern they were told
the land at six was made of gold
number six on the line
to all passers+by
was n+o+v+i

and as our world falls out of love
at such an alarming pace
the chance for humor, charm and
wit to define our history wanes
though disbelievers run our towns
romantic fools make all the sound
if you believe beyond your means
a book of legends you will leave
number six on the line
ahead of its time
now trampled and blind