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green velvet – flash lyrics


good evening parents
tonight im gonna take you on a tour
where the bad little kiddies go
by any means necciacary
somethings that you quite wont be acustom to

so i decrimpt each and everyone of you to be own individual
camera so that you can take pictures of these bad little kiddies doing these bad little things for tommorows paper

so that will be 15 dollars
and prepare to enter club bad

would you know it not here than more than 30 seconds and already i see a bad little kid doing bad little things
he is sucking on a balloon
now this is not an ordianary ballon parents it is filled with nitrus oxide
laughing gas ha ha ha ha ha
but this is no laughing matter
cameras ready prepare to flash

now over here we have little johnny and miss jois smoking on a joy
this is not the thing to fo
i think we have to take pictures of these two
cameras ready prepare to flash

here we have some naughty naughty kids
they bought in some of thier own liquor to the park
now we can can not have that now can we
six packs and pints i think not so
cameras ready prepare to flash