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gregorian – magazine lyrics



will you tell me the story ??
you know i think i will tell you the story of my life
you don’t be
i wanna hear to
i was born…..


but the fame hasn’t came ’til i’m on a magazine
so you don’t got to wonder what i got up on my team
my moschino that fire, bet you never seen that
i used a people magazine as a blunt wrap
and some of the stuff i tried to do they had never seen
every week nosy c-nts reading a magazine
murder for murder, the beef recycled is light
banana clip, with the magazine clipp to the side/
but look at me now, cover of billboard magazine, b-tches scream wow, this n-gga must have cream
we’ve condemned them, locked. in a cell of consumerism,the american dream
i’m the burger king, i gotta have it my way
just read a magazine that f-cked up my day
okay, so play d, know what i mean
your career hash tag, a teen magazine
like a #hustler on the #street or a new #magazine
went to sleep at seven never woke up from the dream