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gregoryk – battlefront lyrics


(gregoryk + verse 1)
take the controller, i go stupid
when it’s my turn at the sticks
all for my soldiers, another command post
captured on my list
for the republic
tell her “what’s up, b+tch?”
no, the lobby ain’t public
early to bed, early to grind
with you right by my side
wrist rockets, cl!ck+clocking
dual shocking, hold up
tick tocking
who’s watching?
fuel’s dropping
so what?
hop in the actis+class
before my homeroom class
engage in a bombing run
that’s how the job gets done

(mikey v + verse 2)
launching battlefront
on these hoes, i stunt
we run it
play as darth maul
while my b+tch on call
we ballin’
planet is mos eisley
it’s seven am precisely
i’m hungry
bowl of cap’n crunch
sitting with a hunch
one hunna
i roll up on chewbacca
han solo got the choppa
these smugglers know my name
got this game on a lockup
obi+wan and yoda
ki+adi+mundi, hol’ up
i use the force
i run the course
the game is all but over
the emperor, vader, grevious
boba, jango, dooku
on my side
ain’t no stoppin’
we be boppin’
victory for the dark side
securing the bag, i’m aayla
don’t know my dad, i’m leia
baggin’ padmé amidala
blame the game and not the playa

(gregoryk & b+1 series battle droid + verse 3)
launching battlefront
while i’m having lunch
“i’m loving it”
homework is a drag
lugging textbooks in my bag
not loving it
turn on my tv
grab my battlefront cd
and plug it in
should i do campaign?
or is conquest more my game?
let’s run it then
throw it in the slot for me
i’m a jedi prodigy
mom thinks i’m a oddity
spend my youth subconsciously
i’mma cop a choppa, e+11 more specifically
i’m honestly a bounty hunter
running from empires
look around and see the fires
of the planet mustafar
and see a shuttle flying overhead of me
must be emperor palpatine
for my sake, i shoot to k!ll
saber waving, golden hilt
look to me just for the sk!ll
enemies just looking still

(mikey v + verse 4)
planet is naboo
but i’m gonna be late for school
i’m rushing
dodging plasma b+lls
while ignoring mothers calls
i’m sweating
gungans think i’m weak
but look at my k!llstreak
i’m sweating
running out of time
but i can’t let off the grind
(mike, you’re gonna be late for school!)
aw, f+ck

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