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greydon square – star view lyrics


there’s no going back the hands have been dealt
life is the only wealth, why stop at managing health
wait til they find out man is enhancing himself
that we now have the technology to kill cancerous cells
the kardashev scale, don’t care if you went to harvard or yale
if you don’t fight for the future, you’ll be apart of the sale(they sold the future)
you wanted to grow up so fast when you was a kid
now you trying to get back into shape stay youthful and live
what if i proposed a pill that would do what that did
you’d live 900 years like methuselah’s myth
what would you do with it, would you take it and swallow?
or dismiss the solution and keep the age old problem
i’d want to live to meet my great grand-kid’s children
i’d love to see an exponential growth in my lyrics
act like if i was immortal, i’d stop being eddie
but i should be able to choose whether to die when i’m ready


i never want to die i shouldn’t have to
i just want to take to sp-ce into the vacuum
give me my own ship, let me explore the cosmos
the complex symphony unknown ensemble
the powers that be try and tell me stop
but we all hail from a pale blue dot
whether you like it or not
use force to escape inertia
and celebrate my emanc-p-tion from terra firma
…we are the source of where gods come from
welcome, as we prepare to take you to type one
and you know whats more sick, as a war vet
i actually feel pretty honored to stimulate your cortex
so get lost in the vortex
this the dark tunnel
approaching the singularity of this dark funnel
and their right as far as greydon goes, sagan got him
…while the more gullible fell victim to the reagan doctrine
lyrically i want to be this generation’s common
they want us to change the message, we’ll just change the octave
the broken logic, and its basic dangers
all this for you to enjoy this in safe in your stasis chambers