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gridlink – scopedog lyrics


graveside manner shallow and quick
i hold onto this
sharpening a laid open knife
objective years from now
homeless memories scrounge for change
humming tunelessly
in the crush at exit
there’s too many cameras just to kill my way out

no one does monsters
better than us
in the jet lag between wars
pollack the world with the blood of martyrs
notches on the stock keeping score

never let go of your dead
until the stage curtains fall
words of consolation
are short term damage control

i’m holding you
when you die because i’m killing you
in your last, share your pain with someone who f-cking

no haunted past
on my sleeve
living and dying out of sequence
used to death
short term pain
dulled down by repet-tion
firewood soaked in tears
grey snow?
ashes fall