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grimburton – foolish lyrics


[verse 2: crimewave]
if he run up on my clan then you know he gonna die
blade sitting in my hands n+gga dont you try
out here on a mission just to take your f+cking life
we some wild boys you about to find out why

kreepin thru the forest and we do it silent+ly
black mask on n+ggas cannot see me
sneak up on yo ass and i leave you bleedin
see my saw cut through p+ssy n+ggas so eas+i+ly

makin’ n+ggas blood spray(ay)
throw your body in a grave(ay)
leavin your ass in the cage(ay)
all these n+ggas child’s play(ay)
if you’re standing in my way(ay)
these will be your final days(ay)
hate running through my soul(ay)
blood dripping down my face(ay)
yeah my favorite color red(ay)
rage flowing through my head(ay)
everybody end up dead(ay)
n+gga heard what i said(ay)
n+gga lookin like a b+tch(ay)
cut a n+gga i’m the sh+t(ay)
throw your body in a ditch(ay)
break your bones now its lit(ay)

foolish yall n+ggas foolish i cannot lose this (x4)