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groovy shmokes – down the rabbit hole lyrics


a cupholder full of candy
a pocket full of raw papers
every time i found myself missing a piece

those leaves became lifesavers
it was non+stop
somebody call the cops
there’s a suspicious black whip at the end of the sidewalk
a lotta lot of cost
an opportunity lost
the look on everyone’s faces when the lights turned on, shocked
it was non+stop
california roll
threatened to roll out the k+9
i knew they’d find the stash
i gave up just to save time
just made myself my plans for the rest of the day
had half the bail
thank you b, kenny, ray
still owe ray the 150 for that half
i haven’t forgotten
but no promises for no deposits
wrong day to wear shorts and a tee
they kept the windows open
so that we could suffer the breeze
bunch of drunks and domestic violence
here i am for serving as the plague doctor
their patience grew weak
banging on the windows
they’re thinking maybe the officer will hear me
but no
the f+cker walks by
doesn’t even give ’em a peek
it’s an extra hour to your night or week
so i’ll sit here patiently shivering
cause i’m not trying to be next to you
when your vision blurs and you begin to start tripping
handcuffs, fingerprints, and photos
life advice from a man on his way to annex
his words i’ll never forget those
that’s for me to know
12 hours later i’m out the door
on the way back to lee trevino
an eventful ride to say the least
sh+t man ray wasn’t even there when it happened
we had to give him the deets
letting him know how it went down
laughs and jokes for now
but 8 months later i’m in a shirt and tie
waiting for the judge to decide
a year of deferred
he wanted to see if i could get by
counseling here, ua there
it was in the way so i had to go through it
tiny mistakes that you could improve from
i knew it
i’m still doing it
i’m living proof of it
excuse me for exaggerating
but the very next guy to get busted
for the same can do the complete opposite
so i’d like to say my experience
still brought out a whole lotta growth outta me
congratulatory messages from my homies
who know me from before the story
offered to roll me one
i said f+ck it it’s a celebratory moment