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groundfeeder – untitled lyrics


under the sheets in a four cornered room is so empty
visualizing a world i cannot see
( it’s so empty )
i can’t see
i remain firm but can’t be held down
i break through and it feels f#cking soo good
in my mind i’m spinning in circles, livin’ like a human but i’m dying like an animal
i have everything in the world
but you are leaving again
i will find you
i am invincible
i will never reach my breaking point
but this rope is so tight…
can it be this way forever?
without you i can think clearly
i hope you can hear me…
look at the mess you’ve made
this creature without a leash calling you’re name…
i will find you
i’m not invincible
i wipe the blood from my scales
ive lost my mind
i can feel the change growing stronger
it’s me
i am fire
i am death