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gtg big $mash – new age neptunes 4 lyrics


pre verse:

you already know what time it is it’s neptunes part 4 man
but hold on, how did i not do a neptunes beat this like the most legendary neptunes beat, [?] but anyways i finna rip this man. aye aye

frontin verse:

walk up in this place and dominate, you think i came to lose?
punch you in the face while you on live, it’s gone get plenty views
i been running game since i was little, i need different shoes
play the lottery don’t play with me causе you gone make the nеws

landlord, when i’m in the booth, i ain’t got no chill
play it back they say,”that motherf+cker there is not real”
if i take her out and i can’t smash, then we gone split the bill
fenty taking everybody out bro i ain’t popping pills

feel like bobby i been scamming n+ggas since the 5th grade
i ain’t worried bout your man shawty cause he b+tch made
fell back, now i’m in my bag i’m finna get paid
n+ggas talking sh+t, i got a challenge, try to get laid

tyla say she got the water, put me out cause i’m on fire
real shooters shoot, i don’t give a f+ck, i’m on that timing
never let me in the industry cause ima end up wildin
i was clocking 150 in the whip i just stop counting
you should stop carrying on, you know i got that for the low
you should stop frontin, you know i gotcha babe

i’m ready to risk it all, unless you don’t care at all, but you know i want you, you should stop frontin baby. huh

man, i tried to do my best pharrell impression
but shawty trpping why you asking me these questions?
i’m too busy making money. if you not, get out my section

n+ggas touch down in the city, get extorted for protection
we gone pull up on your ass like we just asking for directions
n+ggas b+tches, he gone k!ll her cause he can’t deal with rejection
taking brodie back to school i gotta teach this man a “?”( beat change)

last night: pre verse
come on man you know i had to do the beat change
this new age neptunes man you know how we be doing it
you know how we get down man come on
but still again, we get down to it. aye aye

last night verse:
now be careful cause yo friends can get you hit, just name a price
if you broke you better go and flip a brick that’s my advice
did it once they didn’t pay attention. so i did it twice
lightskin, curly hair, she in ha’ mood like ice spice
for my youngins, gather ’round, i’m giving game you better listen
get the money cause it’s easy when it’s time to handle business
everybody that be real don’t gotta tell you they the realest
hop on beats and i be trolling, i can tell you that i’m kidding

track him down and jump his ass, we leaving him looking like he martin
balling hard i’m in the club hall of fame, james harden
i be speaking guapanese, broke n+ggas think it’s foreign
i’ma tell why the reason that she cheat, she thinks you boring

aye biitch we done knocking, mess around and we gone kick it in
bro i’m on my limit, what you saying? i ain’t got no friends
drop a bomb, nothing getting left i’m going off the grid
i ain’t heard yo album lil bro, that sh+t was probably mid

shawty crib smell like seafood take a f+cking shower
it’s the person that don’t care, you know they really hold the power
i been locked up in the booth been in the zone for 20 hours
brodie talking like he with it, we can’t hear you say it louder. (beat change)

cot d+mn pre verse:
you really thought i was gone be done bro? (you stupid)
come on this new age neptunes part 4, i had to up the ante. (for real man)
i swear they never saw this sh+t coming ( but you gotta expect the unexpected you know what i mean)
that’s real bruh, cot d+mn. lets go
cot d+mn verse:
what malice say? yall f+ck around and let me switch my demeanor
24/7 365 they be begging for features
big stacks of money and honeys, boy i’m one h+ll of a dreamer
i plant my flag down in the underground, b+tch f+ck an arena

now b+tch i’m stone cold, with them flows, try me b+tch i’m in my zone
picking out them baddies just like eeny, meeny, miny, moe
why you talking sh+t, you in your car b+tch you ain’t got no home
they don’t care about you till your gone and that’s just how it goes

now why you calling me twin, you knowing that we not related
im here to stay cause i ain’t going, you can love it or hate
now they just mad because i’m rising and they energy faded
might mess around and pull up on you, better stop with the faking. (beat change)

wanna love you pre verse:
i’m bout to hit my rxk nephew flow you know what i mean
ladies and gentleman. (what we about to do to em)
we finna kick it 918 style. (why is that?)
new age neptunes part 4 you know what it is (you right, you right)

wanna love you verse:
gotta half pint of remy, b+tch i’m acting a fool
if she got her hair done, i push her straight in the pool
get the f+ck out my face. i don’t mean to be rude
i’m the real landlord, you don’t like it then move

girl you did this to yourself cause i ain’t giving you pity
n+ggas talking like they hard and then go party with diddy
he was right the whole time, yall should’ve listened to 50
im a fan of the thunder, but i hate josh giddey

i be really in new york, b+tch i don’t fake like the giants
i’m the type to turn my volume up and play with the siren
who yall want? (landlord. or we finna go riot)
irs on his head like he yk osiris

i ain’t lying, i just want ice spice and tyla
let me add one more, i need a milf like mya
let me add one more cause pinkpantheress fire
she was talking bout me on “that boy’s a liar”

n+gga shot his d+mn self like plaxico burress
how you shoot yourself and go to jail like plaxico burress?
he already shot himself, n+gga what was the purpose?
mike bloomberg looked and said yeah that’s worth it

aqib talib did the same and they ain’t do sh+t
all they did was laugh at him when they took a lil pic
can’t lie if i did that man it would make me sick
but that’ll let these n+ggas know that ima ride with the stick

f+ck rap, ima go and play the game and stream
not twitch, i’m on kick, i ain’t doing a thing
boy i’m finna get paid just reacting to memes
n+ggas streaming while they sleeping and they getting the green

boy i hate all my friends like i’m amp
fanum tryna take my food, you ain’t get nothing from me
kai need a booster seat he like 4 foot 3
duke 30, go apply for aarp (ha)

only streamer that i rock with is plaqueboymax
only streamer that can rap you know that’s really a facts
brodie said knovy auntie had the gyat in the back
knovy different cause i would’ve pulled up with strap

shoutout zias and b.lou, you know they repping the town (tulsa)
saw that n+gga in the airport when he touched back down
now for zias, adin’s sister. was you bussing it down
if i was adin i would act like i’m antonio brown

kani do be looking good i can’t even deny it
now her man lost to max and she told him goodbye
i know that feeling, say you good but i know that you lying
he got cucked, if it was me? n+gga bullets would fly

ima real life hater, b+tch i feel like bruce
i can do this all day cause i ain’t got sh+t to do
ima rate it 1 to 10, i’m just telling the truth
the last thing you gone hear is booh booh

i’ll mace a b+tch face like i’m charleston white
everybody mad at me like i’m charleston white
we just poured up a 4 and it’s getting us right
someone take unc’s key, bro’s done for the night (your done)

bro i got a whole degree, they be thinking i’m stupid
neon really faked his death and that’s not even disputed
they be bringing him to sh+t to make him think he included
he like that kid in zoom class that the teacher keeps muted

get mad and start screaming like i’m low tier god. (what the f+ck)
tell my opps to off themselves like i’m low tier god
man i hate my own people like i’m low tier god
tell kani that he 40, bro he really a fraud

and before yall start hating, say i’m stealing the style
shoutout rxk neph i just borrowed the sound
i hate b+tches on twitter they just wrong and loud
bro i’m fat, i ain’t never finna jump in a crowd

if i ever stream with adin boy i’m hitting a l!ck
do the carti, only stay for 5 minutes then dip
i really watched it all live, boy i couldn’t see sh+t
carti’s squad walked in like it was tales from the crypt

carti turned his music on and start hitting his dance
n+gga did a evil laugh like this is really my chance
got 2 m’s boy he finna spend it in france
buy all black clothes, bro he really a vamp

real talk, how the h+ll is edp not in jail?
he so big he weighs himself at a truck stop scale
when that n+gga got caught he tried to lie and failed
only time he’ll pull up? cupcakes for sell

n+ggas only red pill cause they can’t get ass
it’s not hard just try go touch some grass
ima hit a quick scam go and start a class
put your credit card in, you ain’t getting it back

the girl i used to have a crush on really liked young gravy
the next n+gga that she dated looked like young gravy
and it’s only for that reason i didn’t like young gravy
gravy cool, but i hope she failing now she tried to play me

my ex love taylor swift, i ain’t saying no more
cause if i say something bad then i’m gong to court
cause real talk, swifties finna pull up and support
and they gone try and get my addy, come and kick in my door
(beat change)

touch pre verse:
probably should’ve switched it up like a long time ago
( i mean i was in the zone you know what i’m saying)
ima still keep it g real on these fools
(gotta do that always 24/7 365 you know what i mean)

touch verse:
i ran off on the plug like i’m johnathan majors
ima down the whole bottle, i ain’t needing a chaser
ima troll the whole game like i’m tyler, the creator
landlord in this thang, b+tch i’m running for mayor

shawty think she doing something cause they sending her bucks
well here’s a newsflash shawty, all they want is to f++k
now i’m the type to take your liqour and i’m drinking it up
ima big dawg, all you lil n+ggas is pups

i swear that onlyfans girls the new souncloud rappers
when they 40 with no man, they say they closing a chapter
ask her bout the body count and she like why does it matter
she in the thot hall of fame, 100+ in the rafters

i just say random sh+t i’m the new skip bayless
i only care about the green so i might be racist
landlord finna drop, needa add to the playlist
pull up like wah gwan they gone think i’m jamaican
(beat change)

best friend pre verse:
it’s only right that i end it off with my favorite neptunes beat of all time
(best friend is the best neptunes beat it’s too crazy man)

best friend verse:
i mean the shawties come and go but i’ll get money forever
dont even ask me if she single y’all look ugly together
i mean i’m deadly with my flows i switch it up like whenever
you know i’m standing on my business they crack under pressure

do a countdown 10 to 6 we getting it live
if i’m in a 3 to 1 i can’t forget my 4+5
take it with grain a salt cause guaranteed they telling lies
here’s a trick to women get some status now hypnotized

if you got nothing that they want then they don’t care how you doing
if you ain’t help then you gone cause n+gga that’s how i’m moving. now when i’m rich i’ll still slap you i don’t care if you sueing
i’m over everybody’s head i know it’s kinda confusing

you rock with me i rock with you that’s an exclusive agreement
i’m doing shows and making money, that’s my goal to achieve it. candy coated gmc, i always stay with the cleanest
you know that landlord finna blow and it’s not really a secret


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