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gucci boy – xoxo lyrics


gucci boy:
broken vase full of xanax
hearts and kisses
tears and heartache
driving wild on 95
baby i don’t want a 9 to 5 (x2)

i can’t stand a normal life
i can’t stand all of these lies
i’m too tired to keep up
i can’t speak, i’m f-cked up

my mom called, she said she missed me
my neck froze, it’s like glistening
i’m sorry for all these drugs
i’m sorry being f-cked up
late nights i’m drinking down
i lost myself in a world now
i’m falling deeper now
i can’t hold on
where can i go

popping pills, i feel the shrooms
i feel empty and alone
baby don’t you call my phone
baby don’t you come back home
where can i go
where have i gone
i can’t go on
i can’t hold on