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gucci mane – coconut ciroc lyrics


[verse 1: gucci mane]
started out local, but i ain’t motherf-ckin’ local
got two million worth of jewelry on one of six sofas
got a pocket full of fifties like a d-mn club promoter
and these crackers wanna see me on a most wanted poster
who are you supposed to be? (‘posed to be?)
say that you’s an og, but really
n-gga you just o.v, o.v
i’m cooking dope in l.v, louis
remix a brick in double g’s, gucci
i just sold a thousand p’s in fendi
my sweater and my drawers and my jeans burberry
coconut cîroc mixed with molly cranberry

[chorus: gucci mane]
(wasted!) coconut
(wasted!) coconut cîroc
(i’m wasted!) coconut
(wasted!) coconut cîroc mixed with molly cranberry

[verse 2: hard wurk]
just to stand next to me, gotta be initiated
i’m in here with the plug, tell the hoe to get naked
she wanna f-ck the kid, i tell her, “baby, be patient.”
she say her name’s “asia”, but she don’t look asian
remember being broke, a n-gga not having sh-t
true hit me with a split, i pulled the [?]
hermes belt, just to hold my trues up
dirty forty shawty, if you move you’ll get bust
phone going crazy, i just had a good rush
i was standing on the corner from the dawn ’til the dusk
ayy, this an audemars beat, i’ll drop you for a fee
got a condo right by lenox just to f-ckin’ smoke weed (strong)
drunker than a motherf-cker throwin’ bands up
on that coconut cîroc, and i’m pourin’ xans up
i’m a get-money n-gga, go and put your hands up
i’m a get-money, b-tch, let me see you stand up

[chorus: gucci mane]
coconut cîroc
coconut cîroc mixed with molly cranberry