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guilty simpson – life goes by lyrics


[verse 1]
in a hood near you sits a cat
with hundreds and fifties stacked
this kid’s a mack, k!lla
crack dealer, pound flipper
whip out the knot and astound n-gg-s
you can roll if you’re down n-gg-
all the b-tches wanna be on his team
’cause when he roll out
they always seem to be on the scene
alot of c-ke heads and debts
when you got cash the hoes will pick up your set
they be at every event, for real
that’s why you gotta carry the steel
they watchin’
’cause as long as that n-gg- footin’ the bill
they jockin’
moet bottles
hoes badder than models
surround the man
that’s pushin’ pounds of yé’
one hundred percent hustler
full time trade
’til the sheriff caught us slippin’ in a police raid
cocaine, crack, weed, a hundred thou’ in cash
his little brother f-cked around and found a pound he stashed
[chorus x2]
if you saw it before
you’ll probably see it again
cause there a cycle, livin’ like the wind
as your life goes by
sometimes a n-gg- get so high
[verse 2]
in a hood near you sits a rat
tight, -ss is fat
bad wit tats
you wanna f-ck you gotta bring cash with that
with a sick -ss walk
when glidin’ past the pack
all the n-gg-s wanna be in them jeans
that’s the only reason that she love to be on the scene
it’s not a coincidence
her game’s first cl-ss
so n-gg-s at the event
give up every cent, he got
just to put his face in her crotch
she’s a freak, just the thought of f-ckin’s makin’ her hot
why not?
every time the waitress p-sses the table, they drinkin’
this n-gg-s got alot of cash to blow, she’s thinkin’
moet bottles
hoes badder than models infest the place
not even a breath of sp-ce
tripped with the baller
f-cked around and stayed
now she’s downtown slippin’ in a police raid
[chorus x2]