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gutta2x – up up up & away lyrics



yeah, r3 h–

i got birds & they flying out the window
virgin nina but she really wanna f-ck though
make you pogo
make you oh no no
smoking dolo
red like a solo
yeaa red like a solo cup
bread winners all of us
& it ain’t a lot of us
circle small i don’t trust
love to stay to anonymous
i guess i’m just too poppin now
all my dawgs off in da pound
so mf coppa now
so i be alert now
silent no bltt now
nose on it nose sound
big gutta ask around
i’ll be good in yo town
swear i’m good in any town
yea any city baby spin the globe & throw a dart at it
anywhere that mf hit we go exploring it
resort it in
& you can be my orphanage
come at ya like ya ordered it
my money on enormous
the money got em hanging on my wood like some ornaments
choppa it a rip a man open i call it a tournament
n-gg- i’m the sh-t & when i get yo b-tch i’m swirling in
but i don’t want her again
she rides too turbulent
whole lotta horse power two-toned pinto
at the top hightower like i’m donta hoe
these n-gg-s play dough
gutta do not play though
sip her wit no ladel
yo lean ain’t got labels
what you think i’m green n-gg-
i just popped a bean n-gg-
so i’m feeling mean n-gg-
please dont make me beam a n-gg-
slicker like a pimpin n-gg- tripping on banana peels
how i was raised rattle tattle get a n-gg- k!lled
you was playing battlefield
we was in da battlefield
we was way way way way young doing drills
now i’m way way way way outta here
brand new me mf my time here

now i’m up i drip like a slit wrist
i just had to block my ex like tetris
it’s my time & b-tch my time is of essence baby
i want it im copping it baby
i never be hesitant baby
you a broke b—h {x5}

{yeah, yeah}

you a broke b—h

you a broke b—h