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h blockx – come bad lyrics


i took the long way for a comeback, whack p-ss-es and sc-mbags,
i´ve had enough of peeps telling me i´ve done that, when
even done yet so i get set for the combat and when i come bad – now where you at – my god d-mned homies from the southside, i´ll shut my mouth i –
i let the stage do the talking and i´m ah gonna wave you bye bye,
bye bye baby bye bye, bye, bye baby, bye, bye. and so i buy you out, that´s what you´re all about and i keep telling you about how you are selling me out. you are repelling out of the possibilities, that i see, 99 % are raising h-ll in me – can you follow me? it seems to me like a tragedy now really gee, intentionally i wanna grab your bank account and kill you with the money. i race the tracks to face the facts the trace of that: it´s combat. and you´re the casualties. just for the war stats.

this is combat, just get off my back cause i can´t take that sucker, combat now i´m back on the mike and i´m a gonna fight back and when i come bad! – fight back and i´m a gonna strike back combat just get off my back you whack pack suckers

sorry but this is our territory – now don´t you worry, get up get out – just gotta hurry. slave to greed grave to thee, find a better place to be instead i see the theft of me you took all that was left of me. emergency the urgency of this attack has priority to everything, that i am at so that i gotta be who i gotta be: the one who strikes back before you get that i wanna bet that i´m a sleeper, the keeper of the key and i go deeper, deeper than you´ve ever been. i get a call and you´ll be sleepless, you think that´s all no not at all that thought is needless. the catastrophe, you took the best of me you don´t wanna mess with me, cause i got the master p. the recipe what´s that test me! and play chess with me, you gotta be faster, hein, or else it has to be that i´m all that cause