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h.i.m, the sage – 9:51 (interlude) lyrics


{intro : scarface}
you’re all a bunch of f-cking -ssholes, you know why?
you need people like me so you can point your f-cking fingers and say that’s the bad guy

i ain’t even drink this time
i just took a zoot just to clear my mind
i done gave it all yeah i sacrificed
so when you see me down don’t act surprised ( x 2)

i wanna be all about you
d-mn baby girl tell me what do i do?
yeah i caught feelings, can’t lie, it’s true
i gotta restep, fall back, this is proof
yeah i chop the top off this coupe no roof
yeah i pop the cap off this drink it’s juice
the underdog came up fast he a wolf
she snort 3 lines gone fast like poof!
yeah 9:51, that’s right
i gotta take drank, pour it up now flight
and shawty gon dance give it up i might
if i take more i might lose my sight
i’ll die when i’m ready, can’t lose my life
roll me up a j imma be alright
yeah we getting faded do this sh-t all night
i ain’t got no one to talk to so a n-gg- just write
yeah i write these rhymes while she snort 3 lines
i brought a couple bottles imma be just fine
go back in time
when all i really needed was to hang out with my slimes
mehn i keep it moving yeah i’m all about mines
young black god yeah i’m on my rise
if i told you ’bout the vision could you see it with your eyes
keep my eyes on the prize
set these trends while i shift the paradigm