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h.i.m, the sage – bounce! lyrics


let me just stay in my lane
playing my game
birds of a feather we are the same
feel this pain
inside my vein
we’ll go together we are to blame
say my name
let it bang
doing this forever i am insane
locked in chains
inside my brain
never saying never until im great

{verse 1 : h.i.m, the sage}
i just did a 100 i dash(go)
got some nu bands inside of my pants(cash)
throw the cash up and shawty gon dance(ooh)
she keep throwing that -ss for some bands(cash)
she ain’t wanna give me no chance(nah)
thought i was a kid at first glance(nah)
won’t stop me, a n-gg- advanced(yeah)
now she ride a n-gg- no hands(woo)
i just get a bag and i go(go)
you was never down and i know(know)
pew pew pew pew i go(go)
can’t keep up you n-gg-s too slow(slow)
birds in the trap let em crow(birds)
all my n-gg-s pack a mac with the pro(pro)
too bright can’t mess with the glow(shine)
and i like all my shawties with a fro(fro)
fe fi fo fum, im a giant(giant)
yes i go dumb, i’m defiant(fiant)
me i know some guys in my ends(my ends)
they get some calls from they clients(clients)
me i drip water got a trident(woo)
and i just got her, she compliant(yeah)
b-tch hear me roar i’m a lion(woo woo)
my whip too fly im alaadin(skrr)
and i need a chick fine as jasmine(jasmine)
foreign speak a little bit of latin(latin)
new thread got a little bit of satin(uh)
tryna flex all they getting is spasms
i stay with the gang why you hating why you mad?(uh)
shawty ain’t no angel i know satan is her dad(uh)
never looking back no we dont worry what we had
this sh-t is therapeutic, write some notes upon my pad
i took a couple l’s it won’t ever make me sad
i got the hardest flow and i ain’t even wanna brag
you claim that you the goat but you ain’t nothing but a stag(you lying)
i ain’t here for love i just really wanna sh-g(we wylin)
and she gon do whatever if you’ve really got the bag(got the cash cash)
she like everything designer louis v’s with the tag

{chorus: sahyel}
shawty want bands
n she got no plans
just bring ur friends and we gon know
showty want xans
n she got no mans
don’t do romance so u go low
i’m on transit
i sip acid
i’m alladin wit da flow
hold ma hands
let’s do the dance
that’s gon make em go loco

{hook: sahyel & h.i.m, the sage}
baby just bounce it
girl go bounce it (x4)

{verse 2: sahyel)
u stuck in traffic
i make sh-t happen
makes me happy on a low
i’m demanding
nd i’m candid
love ma family u don’t know
no long talk no new friends
i can’t bear the expense
hold ma cup don’t do beers
i’m on top with all my peers
i know god he heard my prayers
i forseen it imma seer
don’t even come close so don’t near
hunt and shoot u if u dare
u can top em we don’t care
got the lace, know they faces
pop one while i’m hear
getting phased, i done laced it
i got real gs they gon k!ll for me dawg
i got real g’s get a mill with me dawg
get on top of me come show me who u are
don’t it like a king now i done raised the bar