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habxrym – w r x i t h lyrics


‘’ever since i was little i had really weird experiences, this creature would visit me in my room as a little child’’ +zak bagans (ghost adventures)

dark winged, evil spirits fly up in the sky
they follow right behind me as im walking through night
my mind it is too dark, my words shall sh+t upon your light
thick skinned, evil whimmed, my body shows its might

they know me as an archangel, a master of my time
feed unto dead bodies and my t++th are filled with grime
every step i take, all you hear is unholy chimes
blackdened to the bone and to my soul, yet still i shine

wraith (x8)

im that image that you see as you take your last breath
the shadow thats above you, im the one who caused your death
i took her as my queen, as i fed upon her breast
stop your running, stop your b+tching, quit your crying you f+cking pest

gauge out your eyes, stare at the sky, cut off your tongue, upon on my cult
the joy of the k!ll, deminishing will, taking of life, makes me exult
tortured through mind, never divine, cutting their thighs, watching them scream
duke of my h+ll, lead by my bells, my legions shall come is something i deem

wraith (x8)
”..and..i was in pure terror…”