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hail rell – hello world lyrics



how the f-ck i’m gone trip
especially over sum’n that’s behind me
focused on the goal ahead that hatin’ sh-t beside me
i come from the bottom my hood tatted to remind me
palms just itchin’ for the green poison ivy
stupid n-gg-s toys in a box if they try me
n-gg-s sound like b-tches now days all whiny
suspect rhyming
all this lying
every other bar is shoot this or that’s shiny
that sh-t gettin’ repet-tive you n-gg-s sound the same and sh-t
all i got is 50 cent and plan to change the game with this
tryna’ make a million like terrio i’m k!llin ’em
on the road to riches n-gg-s switch up like chameleons
but i stay on my sh-t just like a baby before changing ’em
got the game inside my fist it’s clinched and i’m a strangle it
on it like i’m management
demolishing damage it
point guard to a center yeah i doubt if you can handle this
im hot and i be flowin’ like the wax next to the candle tip
lazy ain’t no way because i hustle everyday
not seeing nothin’ in my way i just maneuver round the obstacles
garnett said it best in fact ’cause anything is possible
ain’t no compet-tion
if it is i must of missed it
something like a mathematician
fascinated with them digits
haters pay them no attention
i don’t listen to the critics
free my n-gg-s from them prisons
life’s a crime and i’m committed
i’m a take it nothings given can’t replace it once you done wit’ it
hustle like a scholar for them dollars i need scholarships
p-ssy come and go
that’s not a lie
i seen a lot of lips
not the type that’s blind to facts or scared to state the obvious
excitement when i’m writin’ i’m precise just like a novelist
furthest from the richest n-gg-
but i got a lot of sense
snappin’ like a lobster fist
go ahead acknowledge it
hotter than a pot of grits
lyrically i’m out of sense

haha yea