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haise – gone lyrics


when i was a kid
i learned a lesson
don’t waste your time
don’t count your blessings
i got a couple of n-gg-s i’m missin
but that don’t mean that you’ll catch me slippin
i guess i’m doing this just for them
it’s bittersweet like an m&m
all of these memories
all of these memories
made me remember to honor them
they were my brothers, the gang
i still remember the day
they pulled us inside and said you were p-ssed
no nothing was ever the same
i’ll never forget what you gave
and always remember your name
f-ck yeah i cried
and i ain’t gon lie
but you would have always forgave
f-ck all the money and fame
if you are not with us no way
i am so sorry
i am so sorry
i’ve given it all i could take
the power means nothing it’s fake
the demons inside they will wake
you were like family
you were like family
give me a second to say
yeah we have all made mistakes
and yeah it come and off as cliche
but you were just perfect
you were just perfect in every possible way