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half-baked (sir smoka-alot) – i wanna talk to samson lyrics


[part 1:]
b+tch! you know what i want! hahahahaha!
i wanna talk to samson!
fly me to the moon like that b+tch alice kramden!
’cause it’s hard being black and gifted!
sometimes i just wanna throw it all down and get lifted!

[in background:]
(will i get pot?)
you gotta come with smoke+alot!
what!? you a cop!?
(nope. just need some dope.)
then shut up n+gga! call samson!
his sh+t’ll make you choke!
(is it good?)

[part 2:]
everybody knows in my neighborhood!
it’s the best sess around!
samson sh+t is blessed!
got the whole town on lockdown!

legalize this sh+t, pleeease!!