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hallel – reflection lyrics


verse 1:
ima flip this on its head
turn it on its ear
turn the tables, flip the script
give ya’ll something really to cheer about
lend me your drums‚ hear me out
all fears are out; all tears are out

emotionally feeling these feelings like fillings
to fill up the spots that are not filled in
with fixtures that aren’t built in
i’m sick
i know you feel me like ill twins
still friends with jokers with still grins
no jokin’ bout real sins
but i know i can still win
got grit

plus i’ve been growing up using pens
and marking my progress
putting down objects‚ and picking up god’s lessons
and worrying about odds less man

i stand‚ for god allows me to stand for god
my stance is never cowering from man’s barrage
’cause i know my wounds will get bandaged, watch
and i can’t stand and watch. i’d rather stand at watch
and help man his flock
check the terrain, make sure it’s safe
’cause errant flames get fanned a lot

and when lies begin to spread‚ how can they stop?
but god’s plan is properly locked in
there’s no chance it’s not
the seeds are planted
the plants are growing and they don’t plan to stop

they are some well managed crops
h-ll will not lop
off their limbs. i’m just saying
and i’m not playing, i’m just praying
everyday that we level up like saiyans

’cause day in and day out
we stay in and stay out
i’ve had bad days and good nights
bad nights and good days
but it was just a phase
let his name be praised
and love be set in place until the end of days

verse 2:
everybody wants to ask
“is the flow lyrical?”
i keep evolving, i keep revolving
style is spherical
i’m k!lling beats‚ and when i do
the evidence that i leave is more than empirical
good thing it is not a crime, i’d be doing time
but actually

i’m not murdering rhymes
i’m just trying to unwind
i think back to just a year ago
i was so embarr-ssed to upload my tracks
way in the back, taking a nap
thinking maybe i should sleep on it
yeah, that would be fine

’cause that way, n-body would know that i’m flawed
and i color outside of the lines
i never clock in and clock out
sometimes i clock in and knock out
other times i duck in and duck out
either way, i keep it spiritual

speaking about miracles, i hope to be filled with divine
qualities. my apologies if you were expecting to find a prodigy
nah, probably not, just a sublime oddity, honestly
i’m just a walking dichotomy, ’cause i’m a spirit filled man
that that will never get signed properly
i think it’s better that way
to stay independent and never want fame
i just wan’t people to remember to one thing
there’s only one king, and forever he’ll reign
so, when i utter his heavenly name, it is to sever the old from the new, and encourage whoever wants change
to step out in faith and go go for it too
go for it dude