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hank snow – a message from the trade winds lyrics


the lights were burning low
and mister midnight made his way
old father time had trudged along
to close to another day.

the old clock ticked and seemed to say
your heart is sad and blue
but just rememeber, pal
there’s others broken, too.

i told the moon it was so hard
to play love’s losing hand
when you thought you drew a sweetheart
she was just a fickle friend.

don’t mind my tears, remember,
there’s still a million hearts in bloom
so keep on shining though i’m pining
silv’ry moon.

the trade winds brought a message in
from far across the the sea
they said they saw the silver sails
that carried you from me.

they told me you were drifting on
upon an endless tide
and lonely seagulls hovered o’er you
as you cried.

if i could send a message
on the crest of ev’ry wave
they’d take you my forgiveness
and two broken hearts we’d save.

but instead i’ll ask each little star
to guide your ship back home
so keep on shining though i’m pining
sil’vry moon…