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hank williams jr. – blood’s thicker than water lyrics


[verse 1]
death bells are ringing in wichita town
two brothers will meet when the sun’s going down
blood’s thicker than water poor mother cries
which son will live which son will die

[verse 2]
jimmy laredo a man with a dream
sent his young brother johnny to old abilene
to bring back his true love by name katy lee
the girl he attended his bride to be

[verse 3]
the trip was a long one they both came to know
that sometimes from friendship a sweet love would grow
he’s bringing her back in a new wedding gown
and there’ll be a show down in wichita town

[verse 4]
jimmy’s not worried his six gun’s tied down
and no one outdraws him in wichita town
but can he do it? can he k!ll his kin?
blood’s thicker than water his ma cries again

[verse 5]
the stage made it stop at the last chance saloon
the crowd all stepped back to give both brothers room
young johnny stepped down there was fear in his eyes
but for love of katy he’d gladly die
[verse 6]
they still tell the story to this very day
how their ma jumped between them when jim made it play
she cried out in anguish, “oh, sons are you blind
if you must take a life oh lord let it be mine”

[verse 7]
death bells are ringing in wichita town
they mourn for a mother whose son shot her down
and there in the wichita’s street where she lay
blood’s thicker than water her smile seemed to say

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