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hans gruber and the die hards – is today worth waking up for lyrics


7 am think i’ll snooze that sh-t again
is today worth waking up for?
should i go to work?
well i guess it all depends
is today worth waking up for?

how did things get this way?
i’m really not trying to waste my life away
no one seems to care
i should have seen it coming but i got caught sleeping again

i laugh as the waves crash in
this ship is going down
but i’m just not ready to give in
never gonna take the easy way out

i’m left to hang dry
i’m still wondering why
is today worth waking up for?
that’s okay money never motivated me
is today worth waking up for?

oh no think i made a mistake
the waters coming in gonna drown if i stay
guess it never meant a thing to me
and i never wanted to be the guy faking a smile
it still doesn’t feel right to me
but at least i’m still alive