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hans gruber and the die hards – time, i don’t want it anymore lyrics


if you could have the time, what difference would it make?
it’s not like what you do could change your stupid fate

it doesn’t really matter long as time is concerned
so don’t go wasting time on those lessons that you “learned”

don’t you wait for time, it doesn’t wait for you
your are not the patience or the strongest family glue

they say it’s never found, you’re always too late
you better not rush or plan for goodness sake

time! i don’t want it anymore

when wе talk about k!lling, we’re still talking about time
as wе watch it fly past us leads me to wonder why
if any i would listen, oscar wilde it would be
he said the thief of time is punctuality

time! i don’t want it anymore

time won’t solve your problems, and time won’t go away, and
time won’t bring you money, happiness, a better way

time! i don’t want it anymore