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happy campers – cycle of uncertainty lyrics


you came into my life through a revolving door
there for a short time, then you’re there no more
you will always be a small part of me
but friends again, we can never be
you were there yesterday, but now you’re gone
we used to be so happy, then something went wrong
you were always there, you were a part of me
but now you’re nothing more than a faded memory
see you every now and then, in my photo book
and then i turn the page and you don’t get a second look
i must admit, that i wonder what you’re doing now
looking back to yesteryear i can’t see how
we got so crazy
sometimes i almost lost my mind
we were young and foolish
were so naive
growing up can be so unkind
when it’s yourself that you cannot find
go ahead and live your own life
knowing i don’t blame you
i was also in the wrong
safe to say we both have changed
two birds of a different feather
never meant to get along