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hard to be human being – lies in lieu of love lyrics


the tattered sheets upon me
are nothing compared to her body
on my lifeless carc-ss
heartless yet partly hearted got caught in a bargain
i started

done got caught in a knot with them meaningful lies
parted your way and said no goodbyes
and yet for some reason i’m stilling wanting you in my life

lies in lieu of love
it’s true there was none
i fall into the habit of
feeling the push of the shove
straight into the grave that i’ve dug
creeping and crawling with venomous bugs
drugs in my bloodstream
what has become of me
a trip showed me nothing is everything

the eyes peer into the soul
warming a mind inside so cold
a carc-ss left to decompose
dismembered as i arose
picking up the pieces i know they are close
missing my own head where did it go
pain inside try to hide
do not show
telling myself i told you so