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harle - ​hell 211 lyrics


i never been too high since i lost my sense of self
she said she want to be mine so i dragged her down to h+ll
i been craving suicide, take the pills off of my shelf
b+tch, i’m sv, do or die, me and ghoulie bringing h+ll
and i’ll never tell a lie ’cause it’ll play out in the end
i don’t care about a lot, i don’t care about myself
i carve my wrist, she carves her thighs
yeah, that’s how i know it’s meant, one hundred thousand on my mind
and this little b+tch got me bent, i lovе all my prescription, want a lot of it
i just took a walk, now mom asking why i look out of it
i don’t mean to bug out, but this time i took a lot of it
on thе phone with gomi while my body turning cold
another overdose ’cause f+ck, it’s late and i’m so bored
i got nothing i could lose other than life, but that’s a chore

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