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harriet brown – in my head lyrics


[verse 1]
in my head, you do love me down, kiss me back down to you
in my bed, moon be showerin’ me with the fantasy of you

[refrain 1]
you’re my lilac, girl
my deep lilac, girl

[verse 2]
you smell ever so sweet, with your scent caressin’ me, baby girl do you know what you doin’ to me
you do it with such ease, but it’s harder for me, please, honey why you always teasin’ me for so long; oh when i know

[refrain 2]
girl, you’re my lilac queen
my private moonbeam
you’re descending into my room

[verse 3]
come on closer babe
i can hardly wait any longer honey
take control of me
you have sovereignty over this here country

[refrain 3]
that’s right
i am the land, and you have dominion

you break me down, you make me weak, when i’m thinkin’ of you, you know it’s hard to eat unless it’s you girl
you take me up to sp-ce, and all the way back down, i’ll never grab the reins cuz i know you got the power, oo i like it

i know just what i want, and baby girl it’s what you got, can you come and take me for a ride, we can use the lincoln
you love it when i’m sayin’ that i think of you all day and i would rather be with you than be in heaven
cuz you’re my heaven