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harry nilsson – garbage can ballet lyrics


living in the garbage can can be a lot of fun
it has its ups (doo, doo, doo, doo) and downs
or paper cups and coffee grounds
living in the garbage can can be a lot of fun
especially if you meet the perfect onion
oh, the great garbage can is just full of good stuff
all the discarded refuse of man
like the half used banana
whose girlfriend is anna
who shout let us out of this can

woh, woh, woh, said the poor brussels sprout
if only me and the banana could get out
we’d find an asparagus who’d stand up and marry us
but the first thing to do is get out

now an old piece of ham is in love with some lamb
but a young head of lettuce is too
now said the ham to the lettuce, “the lamb will forget us
as soon as he learns i love you”

oh, oh, oh
the great garbage can
it’s a tribute to the ingenuity of man
where corn and tomatoes are mixed with potatoes
and thrown in together with ham
where a brussels sprout and a sauerkraut can get together and have it out
and no one seems to care about the plan
and a succotash and a piece of hash can get together and have a bash
for life is always equal in the can