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harry nilsson – the birds (narration) lyrics


after the incident at the bottomless pit the two adventurers continued along the winding path which lead them to the pointless forest and along the way they met three fat sisters who gigled and laughed and danced and this point was fun
they also met the leaf man, who told them to plant their roots in the pointless forest and by spring time leave the harvest of green and gold leaves which the forest had to offer. needkess to say oblio and arrow were not interested in planting roots in the pointless forest. infact they had no root to plant so they thanked the leaf man and continued on their way
little by little, oblio was learning a great deal about the pointless forest and its inhabitance. but unfortunately for him and arrow his knowledge couldn’t possibly help them antic-p-te what was hovering directly above them until suddenly the whole area in which they were standing grew dark from the shadow of a giant pre-historic pterodactyle which swooped down and lifted oblio and arrow high above the pointless forest