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harvey garbage – summer slasher lyrics


i swear she’s a ghostie
she knows what she shouldn’t
i think of mostly
the whatnot of wouldn’t
let’s roam the woodlands
get drunk with good friends
make out at the bench
with the bend at either ends

i swear she’s a pixie
she knows what she’s after
she likes to fix me up
with good junk and laughter
raise high the roof beams
look at the moon gleam
no need to spoon feed
the meaning of this to me

i swear she’s a martyr
she knows what she’ll die for
i’m trying harder
to find what i drive for
let’s go to graveyards
the dead don’t break hearts
let’s go and praise stars
that burn far from where we are

does your mother know
you choke girls for fun
have you stretched out your
bones to make room for the sun
worship the one you destroy
that summer slasher was
some sorta monsterpiece
naked with me in a
bed made of mysteries
worship the one you destory