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has-lo – forgotten styles lyrics


i’m just tryin to make something outta nothing..
so ..this is how it is sometimes…

word up

report high light art imitates life
the written gem shining like the wisdom in the eye of christ
black youth comprehend the science of life
seeing of a water living foul and then dyin trife
you can be a rap mogul my work cut up and sculpt tones
through a fantasy we hold true
life’s like a short story where you build wealth and the cost is used
touch with the old you, a lower cl-ss n0body
the opposite of what urban radio is sayin is a hot beat
seem as if dissolution my clique’s rulin
i ain’t face movement in the verse reveal a blueprint
vocally i stomp out beats and leave a giant shoeprint
the new face in rap music, you be a player
while i change the game if the rules are a nuisance rep for my ill unit
it ain’t nothing i visualize seein how you live in the illusion
a trance when the beats bumpin
i can pioneer your hit like i’m rick rubin
has-lo is on production, yeah

…dollar outta 15 cent…
word up ain’t worth nothin nowadays though..

communicatin sub ether, loving rap even as a little youth
when we used to wear a hustler or a brushed caesar
for the people home rapping in the mirror..something gotta change
still seemin out of range, i know the feeling
they say i’m -n-lytical as if what they listen to is makin any real sense
a lost star reappearin i’m living proof the streets k!llin the youth
i try to shield em, anyone you hear from is going hard, going hard
never gonna pop even though his song goin crop
so at large only yall couldn’t know the odds, i throw a bomb
like a talk from the oligarch, they get you amped like a volca charge
solid i’m a cobra covert as
you need varifying who the voice is
yo i shoot off raps like it was 3 pointers
it got weird when the biz grew enormous and corporate
start a label, and make your boys rich
we forget, what it was like before this
but now we live and die for it

live for this, die for this
eat breath this knaumean
word up
seems like it might take you over sometimes
keep shining ..keep shining
keep shining know what i’m sayin
ain’t about nothing
somebody gon always be playin but
ain’t about nothing
keep shining
don’t forget