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hatebomb – newborn lyrics


facing the enemy within myself,
consuming impulse left on the shelf.
inner struggle, drowned in fear,
a new beginning, murder is near.

time to kill again after many years of waiting.
angry, merciless, many lives are fading.
murder on a daily basis, random choice of victims,
up till now i’ve done this only in my dreams.

a new life is born…
the old one is held in scorn…
…reborn… i am.

i have to clean my rusty knives,
to scr-pe the blood, to burn my eyes.
the blades are cold and i am old,
as i’ve been told my soul is sold.

now i live my life again with no regret nor mercy.
doing what i like to do – slaking ‘cause i’m thirsty
hatred is my driving force, anger is my master.
my aim’s to turn people’s life into a disaster.

a new life is born
from the ashes of the dead i will rise.
praise your lord before
i take you body with the others i despise.
it’s time to raise
all the memories i buried deep inside.
too late to stop
being what i am, and doing what i like
now it’s your turn… …to burn
few weeks since i started
my bas-m-nt is overcrowded
many have witness their demise
here is the place where hope dies

a wide selection of tools,
to use them all are the rules.
i hang the bodies on a hook
as it is written in a book.
the one thing i like the most
is burning children on a toast
eating the guts and their brains,
the nightmare is running in my veins.

with so many victims left behind
i’m feeling empty in my mind
i need something new for a joy
maybe a zombie made of a little boy

so i can enjoy having a toy.