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hateful decay – 419 lyrics


you can’t hide your colors dreamer

the ent-ty has come for my colors
and my colors are for you
my time has run out
no more fears
i can escape this dream

she is my sunshine
and i have to survive
to be with my sunshine

it’s taking my colors
it’s k!lling my mind
he’s taking my life

i will travel through this dimension
to recover my colors
and to see your light
one more time
you are my anchor

and now it’s come
you’ve got to run
this is not goodbye
i will find your light

dreamer you’re born to die

i know it’s true
and i love you

i love you
yes it’s true
i love you

you and i
will be alright
escape his sight

this ent-ty
haunts my mind
just hold me tight

you must go
leave me behind
now don’t you cry

i love you
yes it’s true
i love you

the sun will shine on your eyes
a piece of me is still alive

i might be gone
but you’re alright

dreamer me was born to die
i’ll take my place
just one more time

i love you
i love you
i love you

they know i love you
they will come for you
erase me from your mind
i will be alright
just know i love you
i love you