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havenside – standing your ground lyrics


when everything has fallen
everybody has got someone to judge
but do you even f-cking know me..

over standing your ground..

always holding up
never fearful from the rest
open up your eyes
open up your mouth
pull the words from your mouth
and just smile at the world

i never wanted to follow the foot
steps of all my so called friend’s
but im living proof
i can push through this
be on my own
never judge, never be judged

f-ck you
you’ll never be like me
the past will always stay
in my past
never be judgeful
never back..
i will never back down

i will never
back down
your just a coward
i will never
back down
your just a coward

the only miracle
is the god above me
you’ll never amount to anything
that’s what they always say
you got build yourself so high
you got to be from

you got to build yourself from nothing.

from nothing
from nothing
from nothing