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hayden – when the night came and took us lyrics


when the night came and took us and the jukebox was turned up with the light of our choices we did not lose our voices

and the songs barely left us and the waitress caught her breath we rose to the surface to fulfill our purpose

as we walked past some staring i noticed you daring eyes to be carrying that smile you’ve been wearing

in the graze of those screams we decided to go free in the haze of our dreams we saw possibilities

and in a week maybe less you were packing your bags to leave, while you still knew the reasons you needed to

on the way to the train you you seemed to be brand new with your hair flowing through the open window to, the moon

in front of the station someone who was waitin’ for his lover to wave to him got knocked to the pavement

by the ambulance light we decided to stay awake for fear that we wouldn’t meet someone else to greet