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hayutch – black friday hold the friday lyrics


ive been runnin back ay
i get all the cash aye
f-ckin with my hoe because you know my hoe is bad
imma run it back got the diamonds clean
its green
and you know i put it on a big screen
you know i chase that bag
and i won’t come back
for you stupid people think you dont know how to act
you know i play fort so lets get it on the track
get it on the track
get it on the track
got that golden pump and some wood, full stack
just hit 44 nah man thats wack
now we buildin skybases like its season 1
you talkin trash? we gon hit you with the drum gun
dont p-ss me no minis yeah only chug jugs (aye)
you know im the plug (wha)
favorite skins the pug
ok now lets move on to the next topic
got featured for the song but didn’t even drop it
all these hoes wonderin how i pop and lock it
they tryna copy me cause they know that they can not stop it
you know i got haters no sh-t no duh
they say i got auto tune im like bruh
only real rappers sing as gracefully as me
they think its no challenge, nah thats no p
im just over here tryna express how im feelin
but unoriginality people they be stealin
my raps my lines
i thought they were divine
now theyre sittin here more dead than vine
and im just like where did i even mess up in the head
put this rap to bed
ayy, yuh, later
thats hatch with two h’s on the beaaaatttt
its 12 am
we done with that sh-t
bye, aye