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hazardous – uniondale avenue lyrics


mic check
i dedicate this one right here
this one right here goes out to my hometown of uniondale long island
i’m talking east side, west side, north side i don’t give a… south side i don’t give a f-ck
you repping any part i the dale than stand the f-ck up!
put ya hands up
put ya put ya put ya hands up (2x)
east side stand up n-gg-
west side stand up n-gg-
everybody stand up n-gg-
check it

[verse 1]
my name engraved into the concrete
of the streets where i was raised to be a n-z-
too complex to copy
choppy sloppy flows they throw but i’m boxing like ali
throw bodies into the back seat of my audi
depict me a kamikaze your best efforts couldn’t stop me
if i put the mic down america dies of hunger
i’m striking the world like thunder so other rappers take cover
watch me put a bullet to you from one cheek to the other
i’m winning so check the numbers and k!lling these motherf-ckers
the action i’m packing is more heat than miami in the summer
i lay my shit out on the table but the shit collapses
my mind corrupt with malice
twelve months a year i promise to bring the march madness
rapper? nah i consider myself an artist and these beats are my canvas
elaborate with every stanza
making love to the planet
in the cut chilling with three hoes like i’m santa
i’m feasting f-ck table manners grab a mic man i dare ya
i’m put to sleep by what on the radio gets me bananas
lies and false images it’s all a bunch of propaganda
rapping unethical for me is perpetual and professional
you could f-ck yourself like asexual
that gang talk from a private school kids is theoretical
rappers’ music to me is like pussy to a h-m-sexual
it’s my world this is my time this is my place
keep it trill hit a g in a week, i go for one day
start as n-body on monday to an icon by sunday
lose a couple firends by hump day but i’m hoping that one day
i could die a hero with my words impacting the country

run it back ozzy

[verse 2]
f-ck that i’m going worldwide
my dreams since i was 9 was to bust a rhyme
tour the nation and watch my money multiply
stultify my critics my glock sing them a lullaby
a student of the game but i’m sounding like an alumni
sounding like i’m a veteran
shock the world like epinephrine
games tied like shoelace my mind is a deadly weapon
yes i threaten no deception keep it 307
in a studio session i sent 11 n-gg-s to heaven
mind state of a savage warrior raps
get ya euphoria smacked
if you a g where ya warriors at
spit fire like a skateboard
i’m explosive like a claymore
this venomous emcee is predicting rain like a slayer
the young prodigy
is dropping the illest shit constantly
allocating bullets to my enemies subconsciously
my subconscious is more powerful than conscious of prophets
combination of words and the hooks are catastrophic
but back to the topic
that shit i gain i pray i maintain
i’m put my heart and soul in a verse to keep me sane
but they tryna stop me, they tryna margin my lane
throw dirt on my name but today i’m declaring myself king
ill separate ya body from ya liver toss it in the river
f-ck these n-gg-s discriminate like i own the clippers
my competition gets the jitters when i spit just a little
k!lling n-gg-s i don’t even gotta pull a trigger
keep it trill bro
said i be on the low tho with the strap don’t get clapped flip a n-gg- in slow mo
at the moment we staying local till our shit is in the daily postal
get busy make money until we going global
exhaust the ink my pen
my words too much to comprehend
grab the led from a pencil and then i start writing again
was a blessing since conception and k!lling in adolescence
leave rappers a misconception without even a question
my story’s only begun
i climax on chapter one
there’s no stoping this young k!ller until i am number one n-gg-…