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headliner – distant light lyrics


verse 1:


on the things in my past

drinking soda from a coca cola gl-ss

dad drinking burb outta flask

i can’t hide no more put away the mask

hiding my true self is not an easy task

remember my grandma in that casket

wanted to know her past, it was too late to ask it

it’s was time for her to go

i don’t wanna rap about it no mo

life is come ci come ca that’s so so

thinking about the things i don’t know

dressing up in a bright red polo

i can remember that black little logo

she’s in heaven at least i hope so

i need to go though

before i get into something that ain’t true

eyes wide open staring at the view

but it was nothing new

it was something i always knew

verse 2:

listening to music

people so abusive

now, you can mumble on a beat

and call it art

go platinum and

call yourself artistically smart

but the only thing smart

are the people that don’t buy your stuff

yeah the people that say it’s enough

cause let’s admit

you only doing this for the dolla

not for the hoot and holla

not for the fans that cheer you on

not for the people that replay your song

and not the kids that sing along nah

you do this for the money

you do this for the fame

just to play us like a game

but nothing will be the same


nothing will be the same

never ever