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heartbreakkiddd – benjamin interlude lyrics


on the run from myself
problems i’m holding in
still ain’t helping better my health
stacking another ben
i done been alone on a shelf
f+ck where a n+gga been
his affiliation won’t help

granted i get a chance
ben feeding everyone else
i’m locked in with the rebels
but i still eat by myself
ben like a bestfriend
he was with me going through h+ll
chasing that n+gga ben
till i meet my end with a sh+ll

maybe i lose a friеnd
when ben put me in bеnz
maybe it’s in the plan
they departure was heaven sent
a perfectionist
ben can do anything but miss
been down bad on my d+ck
ben keeping it past tense
shouldn’t be important
need it for living like a organ
ain’t no winning without benjamin might as well forfeit
daily sinning
when chasing ben
it’s hard to keep yo morals

said sorry to jackson
i’m feeling like andre ben

thought i could live with out it
i’m trapped in cycles again
when i’m missing my bens
it’s like i’m missing a limb

handicapping my life
but still accessible to real

when it come to decimals
more susceptible to k!ll
financials over emotions
man so f+ck the way i feel

using ben as a bandage it still ain’t helping me heal

sip purple from a chalice
this southern flavor
could spill
n+ggas claiming they real
i’m onna chase for a mill

onna chase to a mill
yeah i’m onna chase for mill
praying that i beat this case
i’m keeping my lips sealed
to much money to be made to have me stuck in a cell



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