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heath hollensbe – covenant lyrics


the day will soon be here
when the roar of rushing waters
and crash of deafening thunder fill the air
and we’ll become a bride
whose completely satisfied
in our lover, forever

he came into this world to take a wife
and he has proved it with the cost of his own life
he’s coming back to take us, but til then
he’s faithfully at work making us beautiful for him

oh bride, don’t focus on your scars
he’s coming for our hearts
and he’s forever ours
and now because of what he’s done
we can guarantee, a faithful bride we’ll be
for all eternity

he’ll return to us and say “come, faithful bride
i am yours and i will never leave your side”
and for the scope of all eternity we’ll see
on earth how easily and simply we were pleased

he wont leave his bride alone
he’ll find us beautiful again
this was the reason we were made
this is our wedding day