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heavy metal kings – if he dies, he dies lyrics


[intro: d.v. alias khryst]
it’s dv alias khryst
vinnie p
ill bill, come on

[verse 1: ill bill]
brooklyn to philly with a trunk of uzis
get your grandma sliced and your broccoli robbed like uncle oogies?
uncle howie loves sl-ts and groupies
i’m harder to get like snuff movies
plus chop off ya head ‘fore you tuck jewelry
me and my shooters skid shootin’ kids for dookie gucci links
only built for cuban big booty b-tches and princesses to prince’s estate
celebrate and sniff an eighth
decorate your b-tches face
demonstrate the pistol spray
blast a glock like astronauts do a rip in sp-ce
cash is god upon a magic wand
wrap the twisted snakes
this beat remind me of a rza tape
thanks for the slap, ap
and remind me of a prison break
trap gladiator
my favorite gat is attached to a tank and look like a black radiator
dust turn up a sherminator with a tucked burner
leave you wavy in the gravy like stuffed derma

[chorus: dv alias khryst x2]
it’s about to go down
so get ready for the showdown
this is lyrical warfare
and i’ll welcome all one in here

[verse 2: vinnie paz]
i walk around with a big four pound on me
you can get it how you want it next round’s on me
i’m the king of israel put a crown on me
this dummy gas tank full but it sound on e
i had a hard time separating wheat from the chaff
like separating meat from the calf
listen, like separating heat from the ash
like separating me from the past, didn’t last
this p-ssy here worm, so i’m baitin’ the fish
but imma give him what he earned like he makin’ a wish
and the gun’s gonna splash like he takin’ a dip
you know that vinnie always packin’ like he takin’ a trip
i’m a complex molecule, a licensed k!ller
and i’ll shoot three at you like i’m michael miller
me and billy hard body but these gods is lies
and my logic like drago – if he dies, he dies

[chorus x2]