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helheim – from ginnunga-gap to eternity lyrics


from ginnunga-gap to eternity
from the dawn of time to doomsday
from giants blood to world seas
from bone and marrow to mountains and land
our time is spoken, the yearning scream
the twilight of the gods has been told
but up from the deep, the forgotten, the gloomy
rises the time of pagan past

i stand in the shadow of visions
the banished truth lies here
rip my soul, steal my mind
still, i will never be yours

give way for me mongrels of the father of lies
bearers of betrayal. from the dust came, into dust remain
vanish with time, time forgotten and lain in ruins

hear my timeless call
our revelation, our fall
give me wisdom, give me power
for the betrayal has sunk into oblivion
a new victory has been told
another faith has decayed

the heaven draws idol
unearthed from deep sources
the lineage hidden in the memory of man
up from the deep we shall find

visions of eternity in the shadow is told
spreads while the other dies
from ginnunga-gap to eternity
the norse lineage will never die!!