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helio sequence – you can come to me lyrics


your self-effacing charms are shot
wake up now to what you are
and what you’re not

you can run, run, run
but you can’t escape

taste is sharp like mustard seed
finding out that what you want is not what you need

you can talk, talk, talk
but the words aren’t clear

when your straightedge line curves
and obscures all that you see
when your sure-shot sight blurs
you can come to me

it’s too late now, your fun’s been had
your shining, blinding myriad burned-out

and fell down, down down
to the ground

live like flower, light like stone
you’re calling friends but now you find
you’re on your own

and they’re gone, gone, gone
with the morning light

when the black-cloud sky rains
on your ragged company
when your thoughts slip from their chains
you can come to me

(you can come to me)